Day: May 16, 2012

Check to see what checkbox is checked (looping)

  //flag for to check weather any option is selected or not. Default to all selected.         var flag = false;         //Retrieves controls for which the drop down selected option is set.         var dropDownControls = $(‘#<%=gv.ClientID %> select option:selected’);         var checkboxes = $(“.selectreject input[type=’checkbox’]”);         for (index = 0; index < checkboxes.length; […]

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Check-All checkbox using GridView (


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Check Or Uncheck Checkboxes within GridView in ASP.NET using JQuery

How to implement check and uncheckboxes within the gridview control using Source: Introduction Today I have implemented to my project to check and uncheck all checkboxes within gridview in So in this article we focus how to implement this features using JQuery with less code. And also I have given live demonstration as […]

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